Love Your Wedding HairYour wedding day is supposed to be one of the most magical days of your life, which means you need to look the part! Your hair plays a large role in the way you look and feel on that day. Even though it is a day to look glamorous and sophisticated, it is also a day to reflect on the person that you are both alone and with your spouse. Rather than risking any mistakes, consider these simple tips to ensure that you love your wedding hair when it is done at our hair salon in Cary!

Come in for a Practice Run

Love Your Wedding HairHave you dreamed of the beautiful way your hair is going to look on your wedding day? We want to hear these dreams and have time to practice them! Come in for a run through so that we can make sure we are meeting every aspect of what you anticipated your hair to look like. Talk to us when you make the appointment so that we can let you know exactly what to bring and how to wear your hair so that we can replicate everything that we would do on your actual wedding day.

Go Glamorous, but not Over the Top

Many soon-to-be brides imagine themselves with hair that does not resemble their personality. They may see pictures in magazines or just have their own wild dreams, but once the hairdo is actually done on their hair, they hate it. Try to choose a style that is in between what you would normally wear and over-the-top glamorous. This will help you to feel special on your wedding day without being uncomfortable in your own skin.

Make it Special

Add something in your hair that you would not normally wear! Try jeweled barrettes, hair clips or any type of rhinestone bling that will add sparkle to your hair both front and back. Remember, this is your day to absolutely shine! Talk to our stylists about their suggestions if you are unsure of what to wear.

Call our hair salon in Cary today to make your appointment for your wedding hair run-through!