Prom is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking of the perfect hairstyle to complement your dress. Our organic hair salon in Cary can help you pick the trendiest hairdo that matches your personality as well as your style. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Prom Hair Styles

Image Credit: Julie Jordan Scott

Short Hair

Just because you have short hair does not mean you cannot have a trendy prom style. Why not try a spiky look? When you use a good mousse or gel your spikes will go strong all night long. If a softer look is more your thing, try some floral hair accessories. A beautiful crown of daisies (real or fake) will add a pixie-like look and would be perfect with a flowy, natural or pastel colored dress.

Long Hair

If you have long hair you have two choices: up or down. Are you opting for down? Yo-yo curls are a great way to add a little spring to your long hair. If you’d prefer an updo, our stylists can create a curly side ponytail for a sophisticated look. Or if you want something a little more diverse, try a side bun and add in some dainty flowers.

Straight Styles

If your hair is straight and curls just won’t hold, try a classic braid. There are many braiding options, and including a braided bun or a long, flowing braid with a few added flowers in the strands.

Curly Styles

Do you already have curly hair? Come on in for a deep conditioning treatment if you have any frizz, then decide how you want to wear it. Longer hair gals will look lovely with their hair to one side over the shoulder. If you have shorter hair, we can make your curls a little more uniform and fresh and ready for your big night.


It’s prom season in the Cary, Apex and Holly Springs area. Our organic hair salon can help you with all your prom hair needs, even if you want to try a new hair color. Prom should be a memorable night and you want to look your best! Call us for an appointment today! Here’s something else you need for a great Prom experience: Limo Raleigh.