In order to pick the right shampoo for your hair, you have to do one thing first. You must consider the condition your hair is now currently in, because that will help you determine the type of hair products you need. Then, once you determine what type of hair you have, you will want to look for key words on the label of hair care products. For example: for fine hair, look for a volumizing shampoo which would help create body and thickness.

How to pick the right Shampoo

Image Credit: Meaduva

For Dry hair

Look for an intense moisturizing shampoo. This will help replace essential oils to the hair. You can also give yourself and “oil bath”. Coconut oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil or argan oil can be coated on the ends of dry hair. You can work your way up the shaft of the hair to cover any dry or damaged sections. These natural oils are fantastic emollients, and help restore health and vitality.

For Oily hair

The opposite of dry hair, stay away from moisturizing or conditioning shampoos. You don’t want to add more moisture to oily air. You want to purchase a product that is specifically formulated for oily hair. With oily hair, dandruff is a common issue. One usually assumes a dry scalp causes dandruff. But your scalp is oil producing. Yeast that live on the scalp feed on those oils and produce irritating by-products that make the scalp flake. People who produce more oil than others, often experience problems with dandruff.

For Color-treated hair

There are several products that lend themselves to the restoration of color-treated hair. But they all contain the same ingredients that keep from tarnishing the color. The difference comes down to simple marketing. Use your best judgment. An oil bath is another great home remedy for color-treated hair.

For healthy hair

If you have relatively healthy hair, without visible dryness, flakiness or oily residue, then you want to choose a shampoo that caters to the qualities of your hair as it appears naturally. For example: If you have curly hair, choose a product that supports hair with curls. There are products that are specifically for more kinky curls that have a spiral like effect. As well as products that lend themselves to a beachy, wind swept curl. Whether you have frizzy or flat hair, there is a shampoo made for it.


Once you’ve identified your hair needs, experiment with different brands till you find your favorite.