Picking your new season hue is never as simple as pointing at a model on TV or in a magazine and saying, “this please!” I mean sure, you could do this and then go out to the store, pick up a box of dye in which the model on the front has a similar color (highly recommending you not do that, by the way), and attempt to color it yourself. Just be forewarned you are probably going to be disappointed, very disappointed. When it comes to hair color and what would look best on each individual, you must never forget the most vital factor in achieving beautiful hair color results: skin type (or tone). To tell you the truth, it is really more like what your skin type likes than what you like when it comes to hair color. Sorry folks.


A guide to the Best Color for Your Skin Type



Blonde hair for a light skin type: If you have a fair complexion, first and foremost stay away from platinum, white and ash tones. You will appear washed out, and for lack of a better word, ghostly. Instead, warm it a bit! At hints of strawberry, golden or even light blonde to add dimension and depth that will beautifully complement your delicate skin.

Blonde hair for medium skin type: Because you have a bit more color present in your skin, you can stand to add some to your locks as well. Shoot for golden and beige hues. Steer clear of ash and orange-based colors.

Blonde hair for dark skin types: Take care never to move more than two shades from your natural color (if you want things to look naturally appealing). Dark blonde, wheat blonde, golden and caramel blonde are all great compliments to a darker skin tone.


Brown hair for light skin type: Medium brown is usually the best zone to stay in. Strawberry or other warming red tones can also complement your skin type beautifully.

Brown hair for medium skin type: If you have more of a yellowish or medium undertone, you will have more versatility in terms of the brunettes. You can travel anywhere from medium brown to auburn and still look gorgeous!

Brown hair for dark skin type: If you have a more olive undertone, you are amongst the lucky ones that can pull off the darker shades of brown. Spice things up by adding touches of auburn, red, or lighter brown.


Red hair for light skin tones: Those with lighter skin types or a fairer complexion have a lot of versatility in terms of reds. You can go anywhere from golden, light to strawberry reds comfortably, and can even pull off the trendy bright reds or coppers beautifully! Beware: steer clear of burgundies and wine colored reds, they are not your thing!

Red hair for medium skin type: You have more pigment in your hair and so you can successfully add more to your hair. Go for medium auburns to medium coppery blonde and you will not be disappointed. However, venture closer to the realm of eggplant and you may not be so enthralled with your reflection.

Red hair for dark skin type: If you have a darker skin tone, go for a chestnutty red-brown or medium auburn, you will look fabulous! Do not, however, go for the daring super-duper reds, as they have a lot of blues in them (believe it or not) and may make you look a bit green.


Black hair for light skin type: Sorry, but black is not recommended. Try more of a neutral dark brown.

Black hair for medium skin type: Again, would not recommend black. You can go more for the darkest of browns, almost black even, but steer clear of a reddish black here as it may make your skin appear yellowish.

Black hair for dark skin type: Congratulations, you are amongst the few that can pull off black hair, stylishly. However, if you go black, avoid blue black. The darkest of browns also will be stunningly attractive on you.