The effects of traditional, steam-based saunas have been studied for centuries. However, infrared saunas, which directly heat your body with infrared light, are much newer to the scene. Even in its short time being used as a sauna alternative, infrared heating has shown real promise in providing health benefits. These are just a few of the ways infrared can help your body.

All the Typical Sauna Benefits

Just like a traditional sauna, infrared versions provide the same sense of relaxation, detoxification, better sleep patterns, clearer skin, pain reduction for muscle soreness, and much more.

Using a sauna has also been shown to improve circulation and ease joint pain in those who suffer from conditions like arthritis. However, there are even more benefits that infrared saunas can provide.

Chronic Fatigue Relief

A study originally published in Internal Medicinechronicled the effects of infrared sauna therapy on patients who suffer from chronic fatigue. This condition is defined by periods of intense fatigue and weariness that cannot be attributed to other medical causes and which last for at least half a year.

In the study, researchers found that fatigue lessened after patients underwent infrared sauna therapy. The sessions also had a positive effect on mental and emotional conditions like anxiety and depression.

Relief From Exertion

Another study focused on a healthy, active group of men who underwent high-impact training and exercise sessions. Afterward, the men entered an infrared sauna to recuperate. Researchers noted that infrared sauna exposure is “favorable” and helps the body recover after strength and endurance training sessions.

Additionally, the study concluded that the use of infrared is “light loading” for the body. Unlike traditional saunas, there are no known side effects of infrared saunas (such as the difficulty of breathing that can sometimes accompany a traditional sauna experience).

At Rize Salon and Infrared, our infrared sauna technology gives you the same experience as being warmed by the sun—but without the risks associated with UV light. If you’re ready to get all the benefits of a traditional sauna and more, schedule your infrared sauna session today.