Is your hair dry and hard to comb through? Does it feel like straw and frizz up after you spent thirty minutes styling it? Tired of spending tons of money on products that are not helping?

Blow Dryer Might Destroy Your HairYour blow dryer could be burning your hair and you may not even be able to see it. So many times clients will come in complaining about their hair is damaged and feels over processed . When the hair is damaged from the hair dryer it will cause tiny rough white spots all along the hair shaft. It is difficult to see on your own hair in the mirror. The best way to tell if your dryer is broken is to put it on high and blow it on your arm for a few minutes. If it is cooler than normal and gets spurts of high heat than you need to throw it away. This means the mechanism to control the heat is broken and your hair is slowly roasting. This is a vey dangerous safety hazard because at anytime it can catch on fire.

The good news is that the hair repairs very fast from this. Mastey has a good hair mask that can be used two or three times a week and loma has a good daily fortifying oil that will help. Using good products and shampoo and the hair can return to normal with In two weeks.