Our Sunlighten infrared sauna is one of the many features that set Rize Salon and Infrared apart from other wellness centers around us. However, it’s not uncommon for clients to arrive at our salon with questions about how infrared saunas work and what they actually do.

Well, wonder no longer! The truth is that infrared technology used in our sauna heats your body directly rather than simply heating up the air through steam and other traditional methods. In addition to making it difficult to breathe, those traditional methods are also quite inefficient. By using infrared technology, our sauna sessions are 95-99% effective at heating you up without wearing you out.

Detoxifying Your Body

One of the major benefits of infrared saunas is that they are much more efficient at causing you to sweat productively. Sweat is one of your body’s ways of cooling itself and ridding itself of harmful toxins. Infrared saunas are up to seven times more efficient at getting your body to sweat out those toxins.

Improving Heart Health

Infrared saunas are essentially “passive workouts,” where your body heats up as if it is exercising. This actually has significant benefits for your heart health. Just like a regular workout, infrared sauna sessions get your heart rate up, improve circulation, and have been shown to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Increasing Your Metabolism

That passive workout we just mentioned? It has real results. Apart from improving your heart health, it also boosts your metabolism and can help burn fat. The average reported loss is about 600 calories per session.

Boosting Immunity

A fever is your body’s natural way of kicking your immune system into high gear. It does this by raising your core temperature in order to trigger heat shock proteins and reduce cytokine proteins. Long story short, infrared sauna technology mimics this process by raising your core temperature up to three degrees. This can help lower your risk of viral infection and improve your body’s response to illness.

The best part about infrared saunas is that the technology is natural! Infrared is just the word for a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It just means “heat.” Not only does your own body radiate infrared light, but you soak up loads of infrared from the sun every day. Our sauna is like that, but without harmful UV light, which can cause cancer.

What are you waiting for? Book your infrared sauna appointment today and experience these benefits and more!